Tucker Carlson Eats Up Fox Guest’s Claim of ‘Rampant Abuse’ of Ballot Drop Boxes in 2020

Tucker Carlson on Thursday started a section on using poll drop bins in the course of the 2020 election by once again mischaracterizing a place of the Biden administration.

“It is now effectively a crime to ask questions about what happened during the last presidential election. That is not an overstatement, by the way,” Carslon stated, seemingly devoid of any self-awareness. He then reiterated:

“The Department of Homeland Security, which by the way is of course a law enforcement agency—the biggest in the country—believes that asking questions about the last election is a crime.”

That set the tone for Carlson’s interview of Catherine Engelbrecht, president of True the Vote, a conservative group that claims its aim is to cease voter fraud. Engelbrecht, Carlson stated from the outset, “is conducting what seems to us like an entirely legitimate, cool-headed investigation” into the 2020 election.

Engelbrecht laid out how she got here to the conclusion that there was “rampant abuse” of drop bins. She stated her group “invested in a tremendous amount—10 trillion cellphone pings—[of] geospacial data that allowed us to monitor the device movements around drop boxes [and] to develop patterns of life and determine whether or not unique devices were going repeatedly to drop boxes.”

“Over time, that became a pattern that included not just drop boxes but also far-left organizations,” Engelbrecht claimed, “and we noticed a pattern consistent with the nexus between both of the organizations and the drop boxes.”

That information, Engelbrecht stated confidently, “is immutable.”

Carlson, who then questioned why drop bins had been in use in any respect within the pandemic-era election, went on to accuse Fb founder Mark Zuckerberg of with the ability to “control the mechanics” of the election—a theory pushed by one in every of Carlson’s “Big Lie”-promoting friends again in March. (Zuckerberg helped fund the Heart for Tech and Civic Life, a basis that awarded grants to election workplaces.)

“What is that? That is crazy!” the Fox Information host blurted out. Engelbrecht agreed.

“No matter what the Constitution says, they are going to do what they want through lawfare and consent decrees and fiat,” she asserted. “So if Americans don’t wake up and recognize that… there is an abuse of process, we are careening to a really ugly place. Based upon our data, 2020 is beyond question—that outcome would have been different.”

The supposed “subversion,” Engelbrecht added, “was in fact real and we have to take it seriously because it is not going to correct itself.”

“Well, yeah,” Carlson agreed. “It is always the same playbook. They scream at you so aggressively that you sort of back off… and then you realize they are screaming at you because you are on the right track. It is always the same.”

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