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What’s happening: Lean back and relax, because there’s not a ton going on this week! The Moon is in emotional Cancer for much of the weekend until it enters flamboyant Leo on Sunday. The Sun and Neptune also connect on Sunday, bringing a romantic, dreamy, vibe and boosting your intuition and sensitivity. On Wednesday, the Moon enters busy Virgo. Finally, on Thursday, Mercury connects with Uranus, the planet of surprises, so you should expect the unexpected!

What that means for you:


Looking for a hookup? This might be the week for you! There’s just one issue you may need to face first, and that’s your ex. Sunday’s Leo Moon is a great transit for flirting, fooling around, and feeling frisky, but the Sun/Neptune connection on the same day is a red flag from that you might be getting played. Set boundaries: If you’re looking for fun, make sure you let them know. And if you just want them gone, now’s the time to kick them to the curb.


Shoot your shot! This weekend’s Cancer Moon is helping you to 1) get more in touch with your feelings, and 2) open up about your emotions and tell your crush how you really feel. After you conquer your fear of leaving your comfort zone, set your first date for Wednesday. The Virgo Moon is activating your chart’s zone of romance, sex, and fun, so whether you’re looking for a romantic date or a hot hookup, the stars are 100% on your side.


You might be feeling a little confused about your relationship goals right now. You’re with someone you think you’re ready to commit to, but you’re not sure how your partner’s feeling about your relationship status. How can you know exactly whether it’s time to DTR? It’s easy—talk to them them! This isn’t the most action-packed week, but it’s an amazing time to clear the air and make sure you’re on the same page.


This week is all about casting a wide net, Cancer. You have a specific type—so specific that your exes are eerily similar—but this week, branch out a little. Maybe that cutie at the bar isn’t into all the things you’re into—that doesn’t mean they’re not worth your time! Try something (or someone!) new in bed this week, and you won’t regret it. Turn your love life into an adventure!


You’re feeling a little baffled right now, Leo. What normally works in your love life—both in and out of bed—just doesn’t do it for you anymore. It’s easy to think that you’ve lost the ~passion~ in your relationship, but that’s not true! You just need to shake things up a little. Try a new spot for date night, link up with someone who’s not your usual type, buy some new toys or lingerie, or all of the above! The more you spice things up this week, the better!


This is a great weekend for speed dating or first dates. But the thing is, you gotta be real careful about who you take home, because catching feels for your fling is a major possibility. That being said, if you’re alright with catching feelings, this can be a great week for romance! If you’re looking for some kinky fun, Thursday’s astro is stellar for spicing things up in the bedroom!


Well, work is kicking your ass this weekend, Libra. Sorry, bb, but it’s the truth! If you can manage to find some time away from your desk, the Leo Moon at the beginning of the week is great for getting out and meeting new connections. Don’t expect too much hot-and-heavy action—just look at this week as an opportunity to meet a couple new cuties or have a fun date night.


This is a super emotional week, Scorpio! It can be full of romance that feels like it’s straight from a movie…or it could involve total heartbreak. The key to making this astro work in your favor is having healthy boundaries. You’re a water sign, one of the zodiac’s “feelers,” so when you’re attracted to someone, you fall hard. There’s nothing wrong with that—but try to be patient and avoid going all-in with someone you only just met. Try to take things slow!


This week is all about staying clocked in at the office, unfortunately. But the weekend has some potential to upgrade your love life! You’re feeling really emotional right now. You don’t feel like you’re crushing on someone, you feel like you absolutely love them. And if your feelings aren’t well-received, you can get really pissed off as a result. Remember, if your crush/partner just isn’t interested in what you’re offering, you have to respect that. Figure out how to productively channel these emotions!


It’s a great weekend to go on a date! Hit up your crush, your latest Tinder match, or your S.O. and arrange something fun. But if you can’t meet up tonight or Saturday, delay your date until the Moon enters Virgo on Wednesday. Sunday through Tuesday’s astro is a big red flag for getting ghosted, people showing up late (or not at all) to your date, or just getting played.


You’re feeling swamped with work and chores this weekend, Aquarius, but once the Moon enters Leo on Sunday, you’re getting way more time to focus on your love life. It’s perfect astro-weather for a date, a quickie, or just spending quality time with your partner. If you don’t have a special someone, however, this could feel like a really lonely week. Sorry, bb.


It’s love! Or at least a lot of lust. You’re meeting up with someone who makes you feel passionate—you’re thirsty for romance and horny as hell. Maybe you’ll find multiple people that you’re into, in which case I say go for it! The biggest risk you face is confusing your partners. If you’re looking for love, tell them! If you’re just interested in a quickie, be upfront about that, too! You can have loads of fun this weekend, just remember to be courteous and clear about what you’re looking for.

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