Relationship dramedy ‘For The Love of Jason’ returns for a second season on ALLBLK

From left, Trell Woodberry as Jason Grant, Kareem J. Grimes as Erick Davidson and B.J. Britt as Bryan Love in “For the Love of Jason.” (ALLBLK/AMC)

Trell Woodberry wanted to bring back a ’90s-style of storytelling with the series “For the Love of Jason.”

“Seeing the strong friendship of the characters is something that I wanted to concentrate on,” he says. “They go through certain things with each other and it was a chance to be real with situations that are relatable to the audience.”

The series kicked off season two on June 2 and has a new episode each Thursday on the AMC Networks’ streamer, ALLBLK.

“For The Love of Jason,” is a relationship dramedy, centered around a single man in his 30s – Jason Grant played by Woodberry – navigating through his dating life.

The new season explores Jason’s journey facing the obstacles of becoming an entrepreneur, building a co-parenting relationship with Carmen played by Kalilah Harris, and navigating his already complicated dating situation – all with a child on the way.

Bryan Love, played by B.J. Britt, is facing the consequences of his actions and makes a desperate attempt to save his relationship with a life altering promise that may be impossible to keep.

Meanwhile, Lacy Lattimere’s, played by Laila Odom, career is booming, but her personal life is in shambles, as the repercussions of past actions begin to unfold.

Laila Odom as Lacy Lattimere and Pierre Abena as Marcel in a scene from “For the Love of Jason.” (ALLBLK/AMC)

And while Erick Davidson, played by Kareem J. Grimes, seemed to be thriving, a new colleague at work has piqued his interest potentially becoming the distraction that destroys everything.

Odom is grateful to be part of a cast that has become so close and has a lot in common.

She says between the first season and the second, there is so much growth for each character.

“Lacy was kind of not really doing that well in her professional life in the first season,” Odom says. “In the new season, we see her elevating and that’s always a good thing. Her career is changing now and we see her come back on top. She’s feeling like she wants to be in a relationship and she makes those moves.”

Grimes says Erick is now in a marriage that could fall apart.

“He’s trying to keep his relationships with his friends,” Grimes says. “It’s an important aspect to him, but he’s also having to balance that with what his marriage is requiring.”

Meanwhile Britt says Bryan is on his own journey through the help of a therapist.

“He’s just slept with Lacy and is trying to mend that friendship,” Britt says. “He doesn’t want to lose his friend, so he’s trying to be a better person.”

All four actors were ready for the challenge of the second season.

They say many of the situations were written into the show to spark a conversation.

Britt says the point of the show is to get people talking.

“When I was younger, I never wanted to listen to anyone’s reasoning for anything,” Britt says. “It was ‘My way or the highway.’ That’s not the way to go. I’m still learning today. It’s about starting the conversation and trying to unpack all of the different perspectives.”

Odom wants the audience to find comfort in the characters’ flaws.

“Each one of us is a very flawed individual,” she says. “We’re working on it and still trying to enjoy life. We’re trying to be the best versions of ourselves. The series deals with therapy and how much we need that. Going to therapy is still very taboo in the Black community. The characters are all looking for help and it’s important to keep in mind that each is on their journey to getting it done.”

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