RCP's Phil Wegmann To WH: How Long Does President Biden Expect The American Public To Support The War In Ukraine?

RealClearPolitics White Home reporter Philip Wegmann requested press secretary Jen Psaki at Friday’s briefing about how lengthy the president expects the American folks to help Ukraine’s struggle in opposition to Russia.

“President Biden, the same president who got us out of Afghanistan because he said it was a costly and unwinnable quagmire, how long does he expect the American people to back this war when they don’t know how long it will last, how much it will cost, or what the ultimate definition of what victory actually is?”

Jen Psaki replied that the Ukrainians “are already defeating Putin’s effort to envelop them into Russia, but this is an ongoing war.”

“We know that. We know that diplomacy and having a discussion and negotiation is the way to get an end to it,” she stated.


PHIL WEGMANN, REALCLEARPOLITICS: The administration has not stated how lengthy they count on the struggle in Ukraine to final, and that’s comprehensible as a result of nobody is aware of what the longer term will maintain. However the administration, and also in this room yesterday, the administration has declined to say how a lot the US is ready to spend long-term or to provide an actual definition of what victory within the struggle in Ukraine will appear to be.

My query is how lengthy does President Biden, the identical president who bought us out of Afghanistan as a result of he stated it was a pricey and unwinnable quagmire, how lengthy does he count on the American folks to again this struggle when they do not know how lengthy it would final, how a lot it would price, or what the last word definition of what victory truly is?

JEN PSAKI, BIDEN ADMINISTRATION: Properly, I imply, let me simply reiterate one thing the president has stated.

[The president has said] that combating Russian aggression has prices. Leaving it unchecked could be much more pricey. Permitting Russia to run rampant round Europe past Ukraine, which is what President Putin outlined in his speech proper earlier than he invaded, could be extremely pricey to the world and to the US. We calculate that as nicely.

Proper now, the significance of this package deal to the president is as a result of day-after-day Ukrainians pay the value of freedom of their lives. And he feels that offering them with arms and meals is the fitting factor to do. And attempting to plan for, and I famous that some elements of this package deal should not restricted, it’s not that the spending will finish at 5 months.

It’s simply permitting the flexibility for us, the Ukrainians, and the Europeans to plan over the long run. In reality, a lot of the safety help might be for much longer than that.

The purpose it’s troublesome to outline what profitable is, is as a result of clearly, our view continues to be that the top will come via a diplomatic course of and a diplomatic dialog. The Ukrainians are those to find out what that can appear to be, not for us to find out on their behalf.

PHIL WEGMANN: So ought to we count on a line-item appropriation for navy assist to Ukraine for the following 5, ten, fifteen years? Is that this open-ended?

JEN PSAKI: We after all need the struggle to finish as rapidly as attainable. And President Putin may try this tomorrow.

However proper now what we’re making a choice about, what we’re advocating for is attempting to help and have the backs of an extremely courageous nation and their people who find themselves kicked out of their properties, preventing an aggressive dictator and his navy, missing meals, missing financial help, and stopping Putin from rampaging via Europe, which by the way in which could be far more costly than what we’re speaking about right here.

PHIL WEGMANN: So, the US’ definition of what success or victory seems to be like within the area is contingent on how lengthy Ukrainians are keen to fight the Russians and whether or not or not they wish to battle them and pressure them to the negotiating desk, or push them out of their borders? That is as much as them?

JEN PSAKI: That is not precisely what I stated. What I’ll say is what President Putin outlined as his personal model of victory or profitable from the start was taking up Ukraine, their sovereignty, and territorial integrity. Clearly, he is already failed at that. Proper?

So in that sense, they’re already defeating Putin’s effort to envelop them into Russia. However that is an ongoing struggle. We all know that. We all know that diplomacy and having a dialogue and negotiation is the way in which to get an finish to it. Our effort and our focus is on strengthening them on the negotiating desk. That is the function we really feel we are able to play.

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