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Expensive Miss Manners: I’ve a voice-enabled speaker, and for essentially the most half, it’s a helpful delight all through the day. However I do have one gripe, to which I can’t discover a decision.

It was that when the timer alert went off, I might say “thank you” and listen to some variant of “you’re welcome” in return, after which the alert would cease. Now I nonetheless hear the “you’re welcome,” however the alert continues.

I’ve looked for an answer on-line and located nothing. It feels a lot much less well mannered, to not point out much less pleasant, that I need to say “Stop.”

I notice that you’re not tech assist. However are you able to please assist?

Light Reader: Whereas Miss Manners shares your frustration, she stays conflicted concerning the have to be well mannered to robots (she feels no regret about hanging up on them, for instance).

However she agrees that when it’s one’s fixed companion — and notably within the presence of kids — such units must be handled with civility. She subsequently provides her hope that the individuals in control of programming these items can discover extra well mannered methods for us to converse. And whereas they’re at it, maybe they will discover a extra well mannered method of getting a tool’s consideration than yelling “Hey!”

Individuals are additionally studying…

Within the meantime, you may at all times add a “please” to your “stop.”

Expensive Miss Manners: Is it OK to lick your fingers whereas consuming fried hen in public?

Light Reader: Solely in case you are endorsing it on tv.

Expensive Miss Manners: A buddy requested me to drive her throughout city to a medical appointment. I didn’t say no, however advised her I actually don’t wish to drive throughout city, particularly by downtown. She bought mad and mentioned she would ask a neighbor.

She has held a grudge for months now, and several other instances she has talked about that she’s shopping for one thing for somebody who helped her out. She feedback on “what good friends she has” who will “do anything for her.”

I really feel it is a dig at me. The opposite day, she mentioned, “I won’t ever ask you to do anything again because you told me no.” We then had an argument and are not talking. Am I improper? Ought to I apologize?

Light Reader: It’s possible not the truth that you mentioned no, however the informal method with which you successfully mentioned “I don’t feel like it” that your buddy discovered so offensive.

Miss Manners isn’t encouraging you to lie, solely that it’s pointless to reveal your entire insulting reality. She needs that she might persuade her Light Readers to cease “just being honest” and to start out utilizing the phrase, “I am afraid that I can’t.” Unnecessarily harm emotions are so typically the results of the previous.

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