Is the #productoverload trend on TikTok dangerous?

“When dumped in water, chlorine in bleach reacts with other chemicals and causes the formation of dioxins which are harmful to human health and wildlife,” Dr. Deborah Brosnan, a U.S.-based marine resilience specialist,

told Insider

. “Studies indicate that they contribute to the lowering of bird and fish populations.”

Phosphates found in other products can also damage the delicate balance in marine ecosystems, leading to a lack of vital oxygen and making life harder for plant and marine life.

Not surprisingly, dumping a load of chemicals down the drain all at once can also wreak havoc on your drainage systems. When this amount of chemicals are flushed down the drain at once, they can have a heavy effect on the piping and could potentially be corrosive. Some products just aren’t designed to be used on certain surfaces — like a stainless steel cleaner on porcelain — so taking part in this trend can do some damage.

Thankfully, there is little to no need to mix cleaning chemicals together,

according to Carolyn Forté

, executive director of the Good Housekeeping Institute’s Home Care & Cleaning Lab. Cleaning products (the good ones, at least) are specially formulated to do the task they’re advertised for and mixing various products together might actually make them less effective. Not to mention it’s a waste of money.

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