Hooveriii to make tour stop at Sister on Friday, Aug. 26

Hooveriii is touring in support of its album, “A Round of Applause.” The band will make a stop at Sister on Friday, Aug. 26. (Courtesy of Alex Bulli)

Bert Hoover is on his way to practice.

It’s a familiar feeling for him because music is what he does for a living.

This practice will be short and sweet as the tour starts for his band, Hooveriii.

“Time continues to move fast and we’re always on the go,” he says. “We’re looking forward to this tour because we have a new album out.”

Hooveriii (pronounced Hover Three) released “A Round of Applause” in July. The tour brings them to New Mexico, where the band will perform at Sister in Downtown Albuquerque on Friday, Aug. 26.

Though created in large part by founder Hoover, Hooveriii has grown to include Gabe Flores, Kaz Mirblouk, James Novick and Owen Barrett.

The band is known for its psychedelic rock.

In 2019, Hooveriii took their live show to Europe for the first time.

“Seeing all the old cities and beautiful landscapes while becoming closer as a band had a huge impact on this album,” he says. “A lot of our favorite music came from the Krautrock scene in Germany from the late ’60s and ’70s, and when we had a day off in Fürth, Germany, we spent most of it writing the record. We were able to rehearse in an old German bunker that has been converted to rehearsal space. It definitely had a strange energy that helped give this album light.”

Hoover says the album came together easily because the band knew what type of record they wanted to release.

“Of course, the excitement of having the record is always fun and pushes things forward,” he says. “We want to provide a little bit of escapism with this records. We’ve been sitting on this record for so long, it’s amazing to have it out to the world.”

The most recent single released is “Twisted & Vile,” which is one of the heavier songs from “A Round of Applause.”

“It’s a song about trying to figure out your place in life,” Hoover says. “It’s a song I wrote with a Hammond Auto-vari drum machine many years ago that sat on a reel of tape untouched. We like to reference the archives when putting together a new record because you never know where inspiration strikes. We dusted this one off and thought we could really make this work. Everyone’s instrumentation fell right into the pocket, especially Gabe’s leads. Very proud of the crew. The song, to me, is about finding your place in the scheme of things – but really we’re just trying to have a good time.”

As far as a set list goes, Hoover says it’s going to be a mixed bag.

“In many cases, we’re introducing ourselves to different markets and places,” he says. “Because there are new guys in the band, we’re constantly reworking songs to make them better. We’re doing the United States and Europe on tour back to back. We need to learn all of the songs so that we can play in Europe because they aren’t afraid to request songs. This will also be our first time performing in Albuquerque. You’re in for a treat.”

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