Fauci: We Have The Possibility Of A Surge Due To Waning Immunity And People Gathering Without Masks

Dr. Anthony Fauci warned on Friday of the opportunity of one other COVID “surge” within the fall because of waning immunity among the many public. Fauci signaled if there’s a surge that the FDA could “all of a sudden” suggest “everybody gets a booster shot.”

“Well, we certainly have the possibility of a surge in the fall,” Fauci mentioned Friday on MSNBC. “It’s going to be related to a couple of conflating factors because the fall is several months away. If we don’t get people who have been vaccinated to be boosted, and getting the people who have not been vaccinated, we’re going to have a degree of immunity that’s below the level of what you want for the community protection across the country.”

“Then you get a situation besides the waning of immunity, whereas the weather gets cooler, people tend to congregate indoors, and we’ve seen, very clearly, a relaxation of some of the mitigation,” Fauci continued. “But people are going to indoor congregate settings without masks. Masks are not required and so many places, but people are not wearing masks. Particularly when you have vulnerable people, you can get infected in yourself, get into serious trouble, or you can inadvertently bring it back perhaps to a household in which you have a vulnerable person. Either an elderly person, or someone who has an underlying condition that makes it more likely when they do get infected that they have a serious outcome. So we’re concerned about all of those things.”

“We’re concerned about the surge we’re seeing right now, as you mention. And the fact that as we approach the fall, the late fall and early winter, we’re going to have a waning of immunity, and circumstances, namely, a lot of indoor activities, which make it very conducive to another surge,” Fauci warned.

“Getting a booster now if you are qualified and eligible, as it were to get a booster, it’s not gonna impede or get in the way of a good response, if all of a sudden, as we get into the fall, there is the recommendation that everybody gets an extra shot. So right now, a few weeks ago, the FDA and the CDC made it very clear that people older than 50 years old are eligible for a boost with a particular emphasis on those who are quite old, in their 70s and older, then those who have underlying conditions. If those people get a boost now, and then as we get into the fall, namely the end of September, the beginning of October, and we need an extra boost, there’s no contraindication for those people to also get another boost then.”

Fauci on Congress blocking COVID aid funding: “It is going to be an actual downside if you do not get the funding we ask for. As you talked about accurately, Ali, that is the minimal we’re speaking about. We want much more than that. And what is going on to occur is that the vaccine, significantly the boosters, in opposition to the variants that we’re gonna want, we’re not gonna have sufficient. The medicine that we want, the anti-virals, we’re not going to have sufficient. The checks, we’re not gonna have sufficient. These issues are going to expire fairly rapidly, and that is, initially, it is an inopportune time to expire of funding, irrespective of the place you might be. However significantly now, as we’re beginning to see, as you talked about only a second in the past, on the introduction, we’re seeing improve in instances. We’re seeing improve in hospitalizations. This isn’t the time to tug again, or not enable us to get the sources that we want. That is going to be a severe challenge very quickly if we do not get these sources.

“There is a significant amount of background immunity in the general community,” Fauci instructed MSNBC host Ali Velshi. “Resulting either from prior infection and recovery, and also from the number of people. Not as many as you want, but a specific number of people, 67% of the population is fully vaccinated. But because we don’t have a substantial proportion of those people boosted, even the good, hearty, robust immunity that we’ve had, tends to wane over time. So we’re seeing a conflation of issues. We’re seeing a variant, a sub-lineage of Omicron that has a transmission advantage. It transmits more readily. With waning immunity, we’re seeing a situation where we don’t have as many people vaccinated as we’d like. And the hospitalizations, and the deaths that we are seeing, predominately are among the vulnerable. The elderly, and those with underlying conditions.”

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