Farmers getting ready for Rio Grande to run dry

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – Many are beginning to prepare for the potential of a dry Rio Grande in Albuquerque and close by areas like Socorro for the primary time for the reason that Eighties. Proper now the river is full and is dealing with its peak movement attributable to early runoff from the mountains.

“When all you have is a farm, you know, it’s going to be difficult for a lot of people,” stated Chris Lopez, a farmer in Socorro, N.M.

The river has lengthy been a supply of water for farmers alongside its banks however officers say that it’ll make it more durable for them. “I wish I had better news for the middle valley. But what that means for irrigators, along with anybody that enjoys the river, is if we don’t get rain, this summer is going to be an extremely difficult summer, where we likely see large sections of the river drying,” stated Jason Casuga, chief engineer for the Center Rio Grande Conservancy District.

The early runoff has loads contributing to it together with a dry winter, hotter temperatures, the present drought, and intense winds that blow mud on the snowpack making it soften and movement quicker.

Final 12 months many had been fortunate. “You know, we were kind of in the same situation last year. And then we got the early monsoons,” stated Lopez.

Now some farmers can be okay as a result of they’ve been getting ready, whereas others gained’t be so fortunate. “I actually have a retirement that’s, you know, that I could fall back on but most farmers don’t have that,” stated Lopez.

Officers say this might keep it up for the few years. “If moisture doesn’t turn around, without our dams functioning, or El Vado dam to be able to store water right now. And the state of our compact, that Texas, it’s going to be a tough two or three years,” stated Casuga.

The state engineer’s workplace says 70 p.c of the Rio Grande’s water is used proper right here within the Center Rio Grande Conservancy District. 60 p.c of that Rio Grande water is used for irrigation.

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