Craig Conover Is Leveraging Reality TV Stardom into Instagram Success

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Craig Conover (817K, Instagram), a 33-year-old initially from Delaware, grew up with a college trainer mom and a father who owned each a cleansing and a building firm. In legislation faculty, Conover determined to take part within the Bravo collection Southern Appeal about rich socialites in Charleston, South Carolina. 

Since then, he’s vaulted himself into web fame and three years in the past, launched his own residence items firm, Sewing Down South, partially as an homage to his ardour for stitching. He additionally has a brand new e book out referred to as Pillow Talk: What’s Mistaken With My Stitching?

Conover spoke about his enterprise methods and recommendation for aspiring influencers and entrepreneurs.

“What I could have done better over the last 10 years is found a mentor and stuck with it,” Conover stated. “I’m just so shy, which is funny because people wouldn’t think I’m shy since I’m on TV, but I am.”

Deciding to pursue actuality TV

“There’s not much to prepare you for it,” Conover stated of actuality TV. “I remember spending class time in law school, just Googling, should I do a reality show or not?”

Conover was skeptical about pursuing a brand new profession path as a result of he had a steady job and was doing nicely on the Charleston Faculty of Regulation, however he determined it was a possibility he didn’t wish to move up.

Recommendation for aspiring influencers

Conover stated probably the most profitable influencers he is aware of weren’t overly obsessive about changing into well-known.

The most successful people that I’ve seen really make it in TV or the influencing world are people that did not do it to be on TV or to be famous,” he stated. “And I can tell you very quickly, I can profile someone on Instagram or on TV that are only doing it for attention or to be famous.”

Whereas he was enthusiastic about the opportunity of stardom, Conover was most within the financial alternatives that may come from actuality tv: “I did it because I wanted to eventually make money and I eventually wanted to start my own business and really become a big philanthropist,” he stated. 

Income Streams

Conover is targeted on “diversifying” his completely different income streams. At the moment, he makes cash by his actuality TV profession, in addition to from Stitching Down South, and income from a rental property he owns in North Charlston. He additionally has his personal law firm which focuses on private harm and staff compensation and hopes to start out a property group.

“I’m getting to a point where I can start businesses and hire people to run them for me,” he stated. “And that’s the ultimate goal.”

Conover’s Enterprise and Social Media

Conover has labored with firms earlier than to advertise their merchandise on his social media accounts, however he stated he’s extra centered on selling his personal enterprise.

The thing is, once I started my own company, we wanted to save my social media presence, for promoting my company,” he stated. “Which makes sense. You don’t want to be hawking a bunch of other people’s products when you have your own brand and your own company.”


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Craig Conover Is Leveraging Reality TV Stardom into Instagram Success

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