Chinese New Year Decorations 2022 — 9 Lunar New Year Ideas

If you didn’t know: In Eastern cultures, not just Chinese, the new year officially begins on Tuesday, February 1, based on the lunar calendar (it changes every year). Referred to as Lunar New Year, it marks the beginning of a multiday celebration (with lots of symbolic and delicious food) to invite prosperity and luck in for the next 365 days.

To bring in the new year, cities and households across the globe hold parades, have feasts, and decorate their homes to bring in good tidings. Cleaning the house—metaphorically and literally—is also huge for Lunar New Year, which is why every household tends to go the extra mile in decorating for the holiday.

However you’re planning to celebrate the holiday—whether you’re hosting a party with vaccinated guests or going out on the town (don’t forget your mask, ofc!), get in the spirit and welcome the Lunar New Year with these cute and fun decorations.



Porcelain Chinese Feng Shui Figurines



Having figurines of Chinese deities posted up in your home is symbolic of welcoming in good luck, wealth, and guidance for the upcoming year. (Not to mention these porcelain gems would also look so stunning in your space.)

Gold Ingots


Gold Ingot



Bring in the gold ingots! If you want to manifest lots of cha-ching in your life, you’re gonna need lotsss of these smol gold things. Put a bunch of them in a bowl and put them on display. Hoping your future is filled with tons of moola!

Red Lanterns


2 Chinese Lanterns



People typically associate red lanterns (oval-shaped with decorative gold tassels) with the Lunar New Year as a way to symbolize the light of the coming year. There are some you can hang indoors, using some string, and others that float off outdoors with the help of some hot air.

Floral Arrangements

The Sill

White Orchid

The Sill


Like food, flowers have meaning in Asian culture. For the Lunar New Year, you can select stems like orchids, which symbolize fertility; peach blossoms for romance; pussy willows, which symbolize growth; and narcissus (aka daffodils) for good fortune. Bonus points if you get yellow flowers as they symbolize pro$perity!

Door Couplets


Many people celebrating the Lunar New Year hang good luck couplets (or two lines of verse that follow the same rhymes or meter) on their doors to welcome passersby into the new year with them.

Paper Cuttings

SunWorks Construction Paper



Those celebrating often cut designs into red paper and paste them on doors and windows. Simple and cheap!

Wall Decor


Original Chinese Calligraphy



Really get in the spirit of the Lunar New Year with some stunning wall decor. I already know this Chinese calligraphy piece will look gorge in your space.

Chinese Knots


Chinese Knot Fortune Tassel



The Chinese knot is a common decorative piece that involves a single strand of rope being knotted into a distinctive shape to represent unity and auspiciousness.

Zodiac Items


2022 Year of the Tiger Wall Calendar



Lunar New Year is sometimes associated with the Chinese zodiac, which is based on a yearly rotation of 12 animals. 2022, if you’re curious, is the year of the tiger.

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