Britney Spears praises kind lawyer who ‘turned my life around’

Britney Spears has praised her “kind and respectful” lawyer who “turned my life around” after her conservatorship was terminated last year.

The pop star, 40, had been fighting to end the complex legal arrangement she was placed under in 2008 amid substance abuse and mental health issues.

The Toxic singer was freed from the controversial arrangement, which allowed her father Jamie Spears to control her life and finances for nearly 14 years, in November.

A decisive moment in the conservatorship came in July when the judge allowed Spears to hire her own lawyer after more than a decade of having a court-appointed representative.

Mathew Rosengart, a high-power Hollywood litigator, took over with a bulldog-like approach to the case and Spears’ father Jamie called for the conservatorship’s immediate termination.

On Instagram, Spears shared a picture with Mr Rosengart, captioning it: “This man has turned my life around … So many exciting projects ahead !!!!

“We accidentally matched for lunch !!!! Thank you for being so kind and respectful to me always !!!!!!

“Pssss Mathew Rosengart … I simply adore you !!!!”

The decision to end the arrangement closed one of the most controversial chapters in modern pop music history and handed Spears the keys to her estimated 60 million dollar (£45 million) estate.

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