Bill Maher: "The White Liberal Is To The Left Of The Average Democratic Black Voter," "Most Black Voters Are Moderate"

HBO host Bill Maher debated Bernie Sanders, socialism and black voters with Cornel West, Kellyanne Conway and Josh Barro within the online-only Time beyond regulation portion of his present ‘Actual Time.’

“Maybe people are just not that in love with socialism,” Maher stated about Sanders’ dropping marketing campaign in 2020.

“It’s not socialism,” West objected.

“Bernie is a socialist,” Maher stated.

“He’s a New Deal liberal,” West responded.

“He calls himself a socialist,” Maher retorted.

“A lot of people like to call themselves things,” West stated.

“Why would you want to call yourself a term that doesn’t have a positive connotation?” Maher responded.

“We have polling on this,” Maher stated. “The white liberal is to the left of the average Democratic black voter. On social issues and economic issues. Most black voters are moderate, not liberal. More white Democrats are liberal.”

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