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President Joe Biden is expected to announce Shelley Greenspan, a former State Department employee, as his administration’s second liaison to the American Jewish community, sources familiar with the decision said. 

Greenspan will succeed Chanan Weissman, who served in one of the highest-profile jobs at the intersection of American Jewry and government for a year. He also held the position in the last year of the Obama administration. 

Weissman announced his departure in an email Tuesday evening to Jewish leaders. “I am honored beyond words to have served in this capacity on behalf of an administration I so deeply admire and as a link to a community with whom I so deeply identify,” he wrote. 


Without confirming who his successor will be, Weissman said he’s handing over the baton “to an individual in whom I have every confidence will serve in this role with distinction.” 

Greenspan joined the White House as a policy advisor on the National Security Council last month and previously worked as a foreign affairs officer at the State Department. 

During the 2016 election, Greenspan handled research and rapid response efforts for the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign. Earlier this year, she joined a number of Democratic Jewish women who have been active in Democratic politics in a new group, Jewish Democratic Women for Action, to support the agenda of the Biden-Harris administration.


The Jewish liaison, dating back to the Kennedy administration, is charged with maintaining relations with the American Jewish community. Since 2001, the liaison has also managed the guest list to the White House’s annual Hanukkah receptions.

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