Best Crystals For Protection From Harm & Good Luck By Zodiac Sign


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Crystals don’t just look pretty—they can provide spiritual protection too. These sparkly rocks keep negative energy away, block off stressful situations, and prevent cosmic dramz from affecting your ~vibes~. Carrying, wearing, or even keeping a protective crystal on your desk during a challenging time (like Mercury Retrograde!) can reduce the effects of what’s happening in the sky.

While crystals can be used for many purposes, they’re particularly potent for protection. Think of them as projecting a little force field that keeps bad vibes away. When you choose a crystal, pick one that you feel drawn to—your intuition knows what you need, okay??? Then cleanse your new crystal friend before you use it. There are a few different ways you can do that—hold it under running water, cover it in brown rice, let it soak up the sunlight or moonlight, or use sound cleansing by playing a single tone or pitch, like by chanting or using a tuning fork.

After you’ve cleansed your crystal, you can hold it while you meditate, keep one in your pocket/purse/bra, wear it on a piece of jewelry, or put one on your desk—it’ll send you good vibes and also look pretty. Protection crystals can subtly boost your emotional fortitude, help you see powerful truths, or help your self-esteem—it all depends on each crystal’s unique properties.

I suggest placing a protective crystal on your phone or computer during any planetary retrogrades to avoid miscommunications or stressful communication from occurring. You can do this at any time to make sure that the flow between you and others is smooth. Or try opening your web browser or app to your Instagram page and place a crystal on your phone/computer to get positive feedback from your followers and no noise from pesky trolls.

A lot of people like to place crystals in the entranceway or outside their dwelling to keep negativity outside the house. After all, energy is contagious, and no one wants to have bad vibes in their home! Similarly, placing a crystal by your bed (like on top of your bedpost, on a shelf on the wall, underneath your bed, or on your nightstand) is a wonderful way to ward off nightmares.

Here, I’ve found protection crystals that fit your zodiac sign’s traits. But if a crystal for another zodiac sign—especially if it’s your Moon sign or Rising sign—calls to you, go for it! I’ll take all the protection I can get.

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Aries: Carnelian

Tumbled Carnelian

Carnelian boosts your courage and vitality, making sure you can take on anything!


Aries: Blue Lace Agate

Raw Blue Lace Agate

Blue lace agate lends clarity and understanding, making sure your crew sees and hears your personal truths and feelings with no miscommunications.


Aries: Bloodstone

Bloodstone Tumble Stone

Bloodstone will let your powerful and vivacious spirit shine with positive energy. Plus, this is the stone of war, which means no one will be able to win arguments against you!


Taurus: Emerald

Emerald Tumble

As the original stone of Venus, emerald is a lovely crystal that promotes good vibes.


Taurus: Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline Gemstone Bracelet

Black tourmaline exposes your fake pals and repels all their shady vibes. Think of this crystal as a spiritual block button, bouncing negativity back to your frenemies.


Taurus: Jade

Devon Earrings

Jade is a healing crystal that provides support. It’s deeply connected to the element of earth, which is your element, Taurus.


Gemini: Citrine

10 Pieces of Tumbled Natural Citrine

Citrine is perfect for setting boundaries and allowing clear communication with others. Carry one with you to bring out inner truths and brings clarity.


Gemini: Flourite

Pale Indigo Fluorite Raw

Your mind tends to be consumed with a million thoughts, meaning it’s hard to make decisions. Fluorite can help increase creativity, confidence, and focus, helping you find mental clarity and peace of mind. Think of it as an affirmation and a cup of coffee combined.


Gemini: Emerald

Emerald Stacking Ring

Emerald protects the heart in times of trouble, helping you speak your truth and see through other people’s lies. Call it a cosmic BS detector.


Cancer: Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz Cluster

It’s time you open up your mind and cleanse your spirit, Cancer. Smoky quartz will help you clear out any old thought patterns that are holding you back. You’ll be able to think clearly and rationally—and you’ll be feeling ~chill~.


Cancer: Moonstone

Sterling Silver Kite Black Moonstone Hoop Earrings


Cancer: Ruby

Ruby Tumble Stones

Ruby is your birth stone, plus it promotes faithfulness, loyalty, and love—not to mention ~sexual chemistry~. Keep it to ward off bad would-be dates!


Leo: Hematite

Iridescent Hematite

Calling all drama queens (JK, you know we love you, Leo)! Hematite will help calm your fiery frustrations. Simply touch it to reconnect with your personal power.


Leo: Tiger’s-Eye

Tiger’s-Eye Crystal Tumble Stones

Tiger’s-eye boosts your inner strength and willpower and offers powerful protection, too.


Leo: Peridot

Silver Peridot Bracelet


Virgo: Blue Lace Agate

Blue Lace Agate Bead Bracelet

Blue lace agate boosts your mental clarity and communication skills, helping you share hard truths without hurting anyone’s feelings—something you sometimes struggle with!


Virgo: Amethyst

Silver Gemstone Solitaire Necklace, Amethyst

Although you usually don’t project your emotions onto others (and vice versa), sometimes a cosmic event will have you in your feelings. Amethyst will protect you from others’ projections and help you keep your boundaries in place.


Libra: Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli Palm Stone

You long for harmony and balance, and this stone is ideal for you. It’s your go-to for positive vibes.


Virgo: Red Jasper

Red Jasper Tumble Stones

Used in protection amulets in various cultures, red jasper boosts clarity and problem-solving—which you’re known for, Virgo!


Libra: Red Carnelian

Carnelian Tumbled Gemstones

When your energy feels drained, carnelian is here to rescue you. This crystal adds some pep to your step—you’ll have enough stamina to charge through the day with only one latte.


Libra: Labradorite

Labradorite Polished Stone

Labradorite’s grounding energy helps you find stability, plus it gives you strength to be your own person.


Scorpio: Obsidian

Black Obsidian Medallion

Obsidian provides protection and clarity, boosting your natural intuition. This stone is great for transforming and evolving negative energy.


Scorpio: Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline Triangle Pendant

Black tourmaline will heighten your intuition and allow you to trust your gut. It’ll serve as your psychic defense and protection.


Scorpio: Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli Orgone Cone

It’s time for you to ignite an old creative vision—which might be easier said than done. Lapis lazuli will help inspire you to bring your most intimate artistic dreams to reality.


Sagittarius: Turquoise

Dainty Turquoise Hoops

You’re naturally lucky, Sag (thank Jupiter), but if you want to be even luckier, turquoise can help with that.


Sagittarius: Amazonite

Amazonite Palm Stone

Protect your energy, Sag. Amazonite will help you filter out neg peeps and minimize stress headaches. Plus, it’ll help you set clear boundaries.


Capricorn: Green Aventurine

Aventurine Tumble Stones

You’re always hustling, Cap. But even with all your hard work, you can sometimes overlook the fine lines and details in a contract or conversation. Green aventurine will ensure you make your money moves without any financial mistakes.


Capricorn: Citrine

Citrine Cluster

You’re always hustling, Cap. But even with all your hard work, you can sometimes overlook the fine lines and deets in a contract or conversation. Citrine will ensure you make your money move$ without any mercurial mistakes.


Capricorn: Black Onyx

Black Onyx Tower Wand Point

Black onyx absorbs negative energy, keeping it from reaching you!


Aquarius: Flourite

Translucent Green Fluorite

Flourite helps you get in touch with your creative side, and not only that, it boosts your confidence and focus, too. Try keeping one by your desk!


Aquarius: Amethyst

Embrace Amethyst Gemstone Gold Statement Ring

Although you usually don’t project your emotions onto others (and vice versa), sometimes a cosmic event will have you in your feelings. Amethyst will protect you from others’ projections and help you keep your boundaries in place. It’s also your birthstone, making it the best crystal to help harness your visions and goals — even when you’re sleeping.


Aquarius: Garnet

Persephone Ring in Garnet

Garnet is a powerful protection stone that will help ground you and offer stability. This is a stone of friendship, and you make a great friend. Not only will it keep you popular, but it will surround you with friends who have your back.


Pisces: Aquamarine

Aquamarine Pendant

Aquamarine (which translates to “water of the sea”—perfect for you fishies) will protect your emotions from becoming off-kilter. Known as the stone of mermaids, this crystal will also aid in mental, physical, and emotional healing.


Pisces: Sugilite

Sugilite Tumbles

Sugilite helps you accept your (sometimes overwhelming!) emotions and soothes your stress.

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