As Told To: ‘I know what it feels like for someone to assume you are lesser than you are because you have a couple of extra kilos’

I am a survivor of a chronic condition called “Obesity”

My name is Andrea Levy.

My feelings of shame persisted at every yearly visit to the doctor.

I am five foot one and weighed 315 pounds.

For ten years before my life changed, I owned a catering business, and later, a seasonal restaurant in Niagara Falls, Ontario. While I did not exercise I was not sedentary and trained for and took part in two half-marathons (walking) in 2013/14 at over 300 pounds.

My doctor advised me that if I did not heal, I would require surgery that might not work.

My body was telling me not to eat any more food!

Six months later, at my eye checkup, my A1C was under 6%, I had healed my eyes and my ophthalmologist was very happy!

In addition to a 110-pound weight loss over the past four years, I feel great.

I have developed endurance through exercise, which I did not start until 2.5 years later when I had already lost 90 lbs.

Obesity Matters

Oct 18 2021

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