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As the state’s Office of Cannabis Management gets closer to accepting applications for the first retail sales licenses, members took the next step Wednesday in the process of moving the recreational marijuana industry forward.

The Cannabis Control Board unanimously approved opening the application process, starting Tuesday, for those entities and individuals seeking a conditional adult-use cannabis processor license. It also developed and app roved the application form. The processor license application period will close Aug. 31.

Office of Cannabis Management Executive Director Chris Alexander said processors are the link between the farmers and retailers.

He added they’ll take the plant material grown by state-approved cultivators and use it to process and manufacturer products that will then be sold by retailers.

Processor licensees will be allowed to make cannabis products with a THC at or above .3%. Those products will be packaged and distributed to retailers. The temporary processor licenses will be good until June 1, 2023.

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Among the many questions on the processor application, the state asks what manufacturing process the applicant will use, what type of products applicants intend to make and will they be products ready for retail sale.

Also on Wednesday, the Cannabis Control Board issued 41 additional adult-use cannabis conditional cultivator licenses.

The state has now approved 203 conditional cultivator licenses to qualifying New York-based farmers, some Western New York-based. The application process for cultivator licenses will end June 30. There have been more than 250 applicants so far.

However, the Office of Cannabis Management has yet to award any retailers adult-use licenses nearly a year after recreational marijuana was legalized in New York.

Retailers and new entrepreneurs looking to get into the business of selling recreational marijuana and products with higher THC levels are awaiting regulations from the Cannabis Control Board and preparing for the application process expected to begin sometime this summer.

The first licenses will go to people with a marijuana-related conviction.

The state has been hosting several outreach events and programs in preparation for opening the application window for retail.

Tremaine Wright, chair of the Office of Cannabis Management, said Wednesday that the board continues to prepare for cannabis sales. “The future is bright and we really do have a wonderful team pushing this forward,” she said.

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