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Here at Cosmo, we love our plant children—they’re our decor, our hobbies, and our little buds (heh). It’s true that nothing makes ya feel like you have your sh*t together quite like tending to the indoor garden you’ve got going on, or picking out a new succulent at the farmer’s market. Plus, they’re a healthy bonus to have in your home: Plants can potentially boost both our moods and oxygen levels, and they look pretty damn good doing it.

Once you’ve properly learned how to care for your low-maintenance plant babies, you want to think about putting each bae on display to help her thrive. Plant stands allow you to save space (some have additional storage for your knickknacks), constantly redecorate, and can give your plants a lil lift to better bask in the sun.

You might opt for woven rattan stools for boho vibes or you may want bright, sculptural pieces that add some personality to your space, like a mini locker you can pop your plants on top of and store your other ~nightstand items~ inside. The good news is that we’ve got it all. From colorful stools to repurposed cake stands, here are the most creative, best plant stands to show off your green thumb (or your fake greenery—no judgment here).

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Gold Metal Modern Planter (Set of 2)

Okay, so we might be a little biased with this one. But these gilded planters are giving your plants juuust a bit of ~elevation~ they need. How gorgeous do they look propped up in gold?!

Maybe you’ve had good luck with a fiddle-leaf fig or you’ve been blessed with a green thumb in general. If you do go all out on your garden, consider this two-tier cart, perf for gardening in a small space. It’s light to move, supportive, and made of recycled materials.


Teak Plant Stand, Short

This low-profile plant stand is like the platform bed of planters: It looks ah-mazing in every space. The recycled teak wood finish is polished yet organic looking, not to mention that its stubby lil legs are so cute.

You can’t just let your shorter plants chill on the ground, which is exactly why you should shop for something like this. Cult fave home decor brand Serena and Lily’s two-toned dip-dyed stools add a fun twist to an otherwise traditional lewk.


X-FLOAT Rainbow Iridescent Acrylic Display Risers (Set of 6)

We live for an iridescent finish (and an unreal price for this set of six). Scatter these fun risers across your apartment and plop plants, books, or even lamps on top. And if you have natural light in your space? Breathtaking. Flawless. Never the same.


Bamboo Plant Shelf Indoor, 2 Tier Tall Plant Stand Table

Here’s a space saver if you’re decorating a teeny studio apartment. Style the top shelf with plants and the bottom with coffee table books or knickknacks (our fave) for yet another display to show off in your living room.

If you wanna branch out from the woven planters, try a mixed metal version instead. This one’s perfect for displaying your hanging plants. The circular design puts all the focus where it’s supposed to be: on your bb.


Novogratz Athena, Black Marble Plant Stand

It’s allll about the levels with this black marble trio. This luxe combo looks sleek in any space and much more expensive than it is. Stick it in a corner right near the sunlight, and feel free to rotate your plants so they all have their moment in the sun.


Bleached Woven Plant Stands

Light washed wooden legs and weave make the look alllll about that natural texture. You can choose from a small, medium, or large plant stand, depending on the size of the plant. Plus, this one will let the leaves or vines grow any which way they need to.

There are literally no rules when it comes to plant stands! Get creative and use a cake stand instead. This cake stand, handcrafted from raw acacia, offers a big, bold surface to support your fern. Plus, your purchase supports the planting of new trees <3.

Cork is always cool (and always in style, tbh). This cork plant stand is guaranteed to look chic anywhere you place it; it also packs down flat, making your next move oh-so-easy.


Plant Kween Metal Plant Stand

We stan this West Elm collab with gardener Christopher Griffin, aka @plantkween. The aluminum design sits perfectly on any end table and is the ultimate showcase for your (real or fake AF!) plants.


Bamboo Planter Stand Set

Let’s get some patterns up in here, shall we? This ethically crafted set is super neutral with a delightfully contrasting weave. You can plant right in the basket, or nestle an already potted plant inside.


Wavy Jelly Plant Stand

This 3D-printed stunner (seriously! It’s printed from recyclable corn-based plastic) is from an Etsy shop where each of their designs is actually compostable, aka you’re doing good for Mama Earth when you’re purchasing this $50 (!) cutie. Better yet, the wavy jelly legs design and playful pop of color are maximalist AF.

Wrapping made from the fabric of upcycled saris and the vibrant green color make this planter both timeless and super eco-friendly. Oh, and did we mention it comes with the pot?

This sleek black plant stand has a small painted metal box (woah! planter included!) and removable insert. All ya need to get started on your botanical collection.

If you have that loft space going on and are looking for a plant stand to suit your industrial aesthetic, here’s your plant stand. Feel free to stack a mix of plants and books on top and reserve the bottom shelf for the heavier pots.


Large Multi-tier Plant Stand

Are you a plant mom of many? Find a spot for all the bbs with this solid pine multi-tier plant stand. You are gonna have to put it together yourself, but you’ll feel *super* accomplished once you do, promise.


The Shorty in Poppy to the Left

Sry to give you middle school flashbacks, but we’re all about this retro locker (which doubles as a bedside table). Style your greenery on top then use the locker for, ya know, actual storage. The assembly’s easy, and the color scheme of the room can veer pink or red depending on your other decor.


Stert Modern End Table

Obsessed with this lil vintage TV stand. Stick whatever gorgeous bouquet you picked up at Trader Joe’s this week on top, and place a few books inside the box to fill that space.


Silhouette Pedestal Drink Table

This slim, compact table is the ideal size for a cocktail, or for one single succulent (whatever you’re feelin’ on any given day!). The antique brass finish? Elegant. The marble top? Even more so. Bonus points for being small-space friendly.

This multifunctional terracotta stand obv channels traditional flower pots, but you can also switch it up with candles and other decor.


Silver 2 Piece Wood Box Set

CosmoLiving by Cosmopolitan

Add instant glam by styling your plants on top of these practical yet stylish metallic decorative boxes. Or, if you’re feelin’ fahncy, pop open the top and put your succulents inside.

This neutral planter is the It Girl of the garden: minimalist, polished, and goes with literally any decor. You have three different color options, too. Each plant stand is also adjustable, so it can accommodate your most finicky plant bbs.


Estelle Cake Stand {Lavender}

Tbh, the most put together we ever feel is sipping from our Estelle Colored Glass wine goblets. We didn’t reallllly need this cake stand, but its vintage-inspired hues make all the difference in showing off our littlest succulents in a clever way. And on top of that, you’re totally getting your money’s worth for whenever you don’t have an entire cake in your apartment. Best. Splurge. Ever.


Spun Metal Standing Planters

These modern white plant stands made of spun metal can hold down even your largest plants that may have sprouted a bit too much. (Okay, the jungle got a little out of hand.)


Kelly Clarkson Home Aubree Plant Stand

If you veer towards farmhouse or French in your décor taste, look no further than this ferris wheel for your plants. As much as we love karaoke-ing to “Since U Been Gone” (a certified banger), this plant stand in Kelly Clarkson’s interiors line is her greatest achievement yet.

Speaking of karaoke….You get the best of both worlds (Hannah Montana millennials, wya?) with this plant stand duo. You can bridge multiple aesthetics with this black rattan stand and natural wood stand set from Bloomscape. And both for $89? You can’t beat it.


HollyHOME Folding Tray Metal Side Table

This foldable mint-y side table couldn’t get any cuter. It’s also waterproof and anti-rust, so any unexpected planter leaks aren’t going to ruin your well-styled furniture.

Treat your lady palm to the throne she deserves. This rattan stand is just the right pedestal for the pride and joy you’ve kept alive for weeks longer than your BFFs thought you could. The sturdy wood construction also gives some love to your larger plants that might not hold up on a daintier stand.

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