25 Best Valentine’s Day Candles 2022 — Romantic Candles for Valentine’s Day

valentine's day candles


Whether you’re gifting a candle or just stocking up for whenever the mood strikes, I’m here with the best Valentine’s Day candles worth adding to your cart. Because—correct me if I’m wrong—Valentine’s Day wouldn’t quite be Valentine’s Day without at least one lit candle somewhere in the mix (that and a hot date, sexy lingerie, loads of candy, or a cute gift exchange), amiright?

I’m not saying you have to be coupled up to enjoy a good V-Day-themed candle. Cozying up at home with a movie and one (or two) candles aflame could be the perfect way to celebrate Galentine’s Day with your pals or indulge in some self-love if you’re single on Valentine’s Day. I’m just saying whatever your plans are, a candle needs to be there.

From sultry rose-scented votives to even some specially designed massage candles that’ll help heat up any at-home touch experience, you’ll find 25 of the best Valentine’s Day candles, below.

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this one that comes in diff scents

You’re My Person

I mean, this bb speaks for itself. She comes in four different scents—Mango Guava, Bergamot, Moroccan Amber, and Spices and Everygreen—that you can choose from, depending on what you and your bae are into.


this luxe, yet affordable one

Santal Vanille

Bring the romantic vibe alive with this cozy candle that has warm woody and vanilla notes.


this light and airy bb

Cuffing Season Candle

Manifest some love this V-day with this floral and lemony scent that was inspired by le cuffing season.


this eco-friendly option

Love Potion Minimalist Candle

Your partner will be totally hypnotized by the exotic blend of jasmine blossoms, lavender, and mandarin.


these cute lil treasures

Love Bubble Candle

Ahem: Your Galentine’s Day party is missing something, and it’s these adorable heart bubble candles.


this nostalgic one

Fresh Cut Roses

There’s nothing like the smell of fresh-cut roses. If you’re a sucker for the aroma, bless your home with this Yankee candle that smells just like the bouquet.


this sexy star

Loose Lips Scented Candle

Bring on the sexy energy with this candle that was legit inspired by a velvety lipstick imprint. Anybody else feelin’ kind of turned on RN?!


this one that smells like a speakeasy

Harlem Candle Co.

Ya know those mysterious and sensual vibes speakeasies have? Yeah, this is that in a candle. You’re welcome in advance for the best seggsy time you and your lover are gonna have.


this simple piece

North Bondi Candle

This rich floral and sheer white musk creation is perf for mood setting. So, on that note: Run, don’t walk for this bad boy if you really wanna get your partner all excited and ish.


this warm-scented one

Suede Fringe

This candle is like golden hour in a jar. Get all cozy and cuddly with your S.O. and enjoy the musky suede scent.


this one with stunning packaging

Mansour Marrakech Candle

Go for this five-star rated votive that not only smells gorgeous (hello to the citrus, clove, and green tea all up in here), but its packaging is just jaw-dropping. It’ll make the perf decor for your V-Day setup.


this very on-brand, V-Day one

Impressions 5.75 oz Candle

A sweet and musky mix of vanilla and tobacco is a hot combo for your date night plans.


this one with *that* boyfriend smell

Ditched The Boyfriend Kept The Cologne Candle

Love the BF scent, but don’t want the BF? Gotchu. This genius invention smells exactly like a hot boyfriend’s cologne without the relationship issues… Hehe.


this seductive floral scent

Tubéreuse/Tuberose Candle

Imagine the ~ambience~ this sexy red candle would provide. It also gets bonus points for the intoxicating floral aroma.


this pretty-in-pink bb

Nudesse Pink Candle

Love the scent of rose petals? Here’s one that smells just like ’em (and looks as pretty as ’em too).


this celebrity-made one

Slow Burn Scented Candle

Boy Smells x Kacey Musgraves

Made in collaboration with country artist Kacey Musgraves, this sultry candle has notes of incense, raspberry, smoked papyrus, and more for a seriously indulgent scent.


this candle meant for touch

Come Upstairs Massage Candle

Planning for a hot night in this Valentine’s Day? Definitely grab this massage candle. Let it burn enough for the wax to pool to the outside edge, then blow out the flame, wait for it to cool a little, and use the jojoba-oil-infused wax to give your partner the best massage of their life.


this mini massage candle

Burn No. 1 Massage Candle

Here’s another massage candle—just in a much smaller size. You won’t have to worry (as much) about a fiery mishap with this miniature jar.


this sensually fruity one

Tuscan Plum Soy Candle

For an aroma that’s both fruity and dark, try this one with notes of bright citrus, black cherry, and dark plum.


this befitting one

Date Night Candle

Lighting a “date night” candle on date night? Power moves only.


this v sweet scent

Strawberry Pound Cake

For something more obvious, here’s a single-wick candle inspired by a classic pink treat.


this floral dream

Nue Tuberose

Everyone’s favorite rose-in-a-box label now makes covetable candles that smell just like a dreamy garden.


this sensual massage candle

Flickering Touch Massage Candle, Black Pepper/Pomegranate

Lelo is the brand to know for luxury sex toys, so you can trust that its massage candles are well worth the buy.


this one for sexy vibes

Dirty Fig Candle

Wanna amp up the mood? Light this one inspired by figs, an aphrodisiac.


this captivating vessel

Lost Cherry Scented Candle

Sure, the price tag is a little $$$$, but the warm cherry and tobacco scent? Irresistible, tempting, worth it.

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