25 Best No-Show Socks for Women — Hidden Liner Socks That Don’t Slip

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Though they may be small, nothing can change the entire dynamic of a ~lewk~ quite like a pair of socks. Wear the wrong ones, and suddenly your perfectly-styled ‘fit can become, well, not so perfect. Clashing colors, distracting patterns, and a vibe that’s a little too casual are all potential hazards (sry not sry for the dramatics) that come with everyday sock wearing.

The problem, however, is that going sock-free isn’t always an option. Blisters, sores, and foot sweat (yes, we said foot sweat) are all things that can happen whether we like it or not, so socks are essential for keeping those feet happy, healthy, and—especially during the wintertime—warm and toasty. Thank goodness no-show socks and liners exist, providing the cushion and support you need without being a potential outfit-ruiner. Of course, not all no-show socks are created equal. What’s more annoying than a sock that simply won’t stay on and keeps coming off your heel? Nothing. Literally nothing.

That’s why we did some digging to find the no-show socks that do it all: protect your toes and heels without being so, um, visible—all while actually staying in place, so you don’t have to keep bending down to adjust ‘em throughout the day. So to make your shopping super simple, check out the 25 best pairs below that go with anything—from your running shoes to your ballet flats. You might not even need to stock your bag with emergency bandages anymore with these babies. Say goodbye (and good riddance) to annoying blisters once and for all.

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best everyday no-show socks

Daily Stride No-Show Socks

The interior grip on these socks helps keep ’em in place, so you don’t have to worry about any falling down-the-heel struggles. They come in a handful of colors, so you can mix and match depending on your ‘fit.


best sustainable no-show socks

Marled Mocha No-Show Socks

These no-show socks have a handy gel heel grip. Translation: They won’t slip or get stuck in your shoe. The material is thick yet super soft and partly made using recycled water bottles.


best no-show socks for the gym

Dri-FIT Cushion No-Show Socks

Before your next HIIT workout, stock up on these sweat-wicking socks that offer breathability and comfort, no matter how many buckets of sweat you produce. Plus, the classic black goes with everything!


best no-show socks for low-top sneakers

Low No-Show Socks

If your low-top sneakers are too revealing to wear an athletic ankle sock (think: Converse), this version is cut low enough to hide underneath the tongue. No-show socks are notorious for sliding down your foot, but the silicone bands along the inside of this sock’s heel prevent them from rolling down.


best thin athletic no-show socks

Thin No-Show Socks

Anything with 5,700+ reviews and 4.5 stars Amazon is worth trying, IMO, and if you’re looking for the perfect no-show sock for slip-on shoes, you might want to try these too. While some thicker socks are too bulky to squeeze into tight sneakers, this pair is the perfect in-between of super-thin nylons and thick athletic socks.


best ultra-low cotton no-show socks

Ultra Low-Cut Liner Socks

If your feet get way too sweaty throughout the day to wear nylon liners, this 80-percent-cotton style will soak up any moisture without bunching up inside your heels and flats. And look at all the colors they come in!


best no-show socks for slides

Toe Topper Socks

If you love wearing backless slides or mules, but your toes get way too swampy inside, these toe toppers are the fix. Like little hats for your toes, these half-liners keep your piggies covered, and the non-slip grips prevent your slip-ons from sliding off.


best moisture-wicking no-show socks

Cushioned Invisible Liner Socks

These Saucony no-show socks come in a pack of eight and are made of a fabric that helps manage your feet’s moisture levels. The material is not too thick and not too thin, working well with any pair of shoes in your closet.


best no-show socks for the whole fam

No-Show Socks

You know how socks just kinda vanish in the laundry? Fret no more because these organic cotton no-show socks come with a cool, helpful feature: The stripes tell you which socks belong to who. Look for one stripe on kids’ socks, two stripes on women’s socks, and three stripes on men’s socks.


best no-show socks for blister protection

Low-Cut Ankle Athletic Socks

Get all the benefits of a thick comfy sock condensed in a much smaller version with these low-rise ankle socks. They’re breathable, cushioned, supportive, and moisture-wicking—but the best part is the discreet ankle tab in the back. While some no-show socks do nothing to protect your heel from blisters when running, these have a nice cushion that’s still low enough to hide inside your shoe.


best warm no-show socks

No-Show Socks

One major drawback of no-show socks is the lack of warmth they provide. But these babies by Smartwool have all the benefits of warm Merino wool mixed with the “barely there” coverage of a low-cut sock. The best of both worlds, truly.


best no-show socks for ballet flats

No-Show Liner Socks

Another Amazon favorite, these no-show liner socks just barely cover your toes, which makes them ideal for pumps and flats. But to make sure they stay in place and don’t slip and slide around inside your shoe, these socks have a silicone band that goes around the entire edge and a non-skid patch on the sole.


best no-show socks for protecting toes

Senses No-Show Socks

Anyone with wide feet knows the pain of closed-toe shoes (especially new ones that aren’t broken in) rubbing your toes the wrong way. But these socks have soft pads along the sides of the toes to protect from rubbing, and an absorbent cotton sole to prevent sweat from causing friction and even more blisters.


best performance no-show socks

Cushioned No-Show Socks

These cushioned, moisture-wicking bbs have special silicone grips, so they won’t slip off your heel, no matter what sport you’re doing. (Or, ya know, if you’re just lounging at home thinking about doing something active. No judgement!)


best patterned no-show socks

Candid No-Show Socks

Just because everyone else can’t see them doesn’t mean you have to wear boring socks. If you love cool prints, these super-thin liners with no-slip grips (which are perfect for wearing inside summer shoes, like espadrilles) are a fun little secret.


best breathable no-show socks

FlexForce No-Show Socks

These ones are made of super breathable mesh, which means you can basically wear them all day long. Oh, and as an added bonus: You can grab them in a rainbow of colors.


best seamless no-show socks

Consistent Socks

It’s kind of a sock unicorn: a pair with just the right amount of stretch that won’t quickly lose shape after a couple of wears. These socks manage to do both, and with a deep heel pocket, the shape complements your natural arch for optimal support.


best no-show socks for arch support

No-Show Nylon Socks

If what you really need is a little support, these no-show nylon liners are like inserts and socks all in one. The sponge cushion along the ball of the foot and the arch relieves some discomfort from flats and heels, so wearing ’em for prolonged periods of time is more bearable.


best colorful no-show socks

Palm Print No-Show Socks

OK, OK: I know the whole point here is for your socks not to show. But these multicolored ones are just so fun and playful, you may still have to show ’em off from time to time.


best low-cut no-show socks

Bamboo No-Show Socks

These super low-cut socks are another solid option if you regularly wear ballet flats. They’re made mostly out of a viscose material that’s sourced from bamboo, as well as organic cotton, so they can be helpful in minimizing skin irritation. Reviewers swear that they never fall off your feet and some say you even forget that you’re wearing ’em!


best lightweight no-show socks

Pack of No-Show Socks

Cushion-y and comfortable, these socks from Quince are well-loved for their ability to stay in place but not be so tight that they cut off your ankle circulation. The toe box has a subtly snug fit, and even though the material feels pretty lightweight, it’s definitely thick enough for year-round wear.


best snug no-show socks

Women’s No Show Sock

Grips on the heels? Check. Moisture-wicking fabric? Check. These socks have a versatile design that works no matter what kind of shoe you’re wearing, from sneakers to loafers to flats.


best athletic no-show socks

Black Performance Socks

If you want to feel ready to conquer anything after you put your socks on, you need these, which feature a bit of inspirational wisdom printed on ’em: “There is greatness in your DNA.” Plus, they feature a slightly compressed fit that’s perfect for HIIT workouts.


best budget-friendly no-show socks

Women’s No Show Socks

Available in beige, black, or light gray, these socks are an affordable fave at just $3 a pair. They have a seamless toe and super breathable fabric that offers just enough support.


best padded no-show socks

Footie Socks

These below-the-ankle socks boast full foot padding, so they’re super comfy. Yes, thin socks might sound nice and lightweight, but these extra-cushy ones certainly make a strong case for thicker padding.

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