17 Black-Owned Plant Companies — Liven Up Your Space with Some Greenery

Pro tip: The easiest way to elevate any room in your home is with a plant. Adding touches of greenery can instantly brighten up any area, plus a luscious plant can give the illusion that your space is much bigger than it is. Wanna make your tiny bedroom feel not-so-tiny anymore? Boom, hang an ivy by the window. Looking to make your living room seem more inviting? Get yourself a bustling fern. Whether it’s to add some much-needed ambiance or just wanting to try out that green thumb (or lack thereof) of yours, your next home purchase should definitely involve some greenery. So why not support a Black-owned business while doing so?

There are sooooo many super-cool Black-owned plant shops across the country that are totally worth looking into. Each offers its own unique take on plant design, sourcing, and distribution. Plus, since most nurseries and florists have moved their shops online, you won’t have to worry about your new ficus staying in one piece en route back from the plant shop. Instead, your ficus tree will arrive at your doorstep with all leaves and stem intact. Next to selling vibrant plants, a lot of these shops also offer subscriptions services, planters, and even guides and tools to get you started if you’re new to this plant life.

Below, we’ve gathered 17 dope Black-owned plant shops and companies that can help you create your dream at-home oasis. So whether you’re looking to grow your own aloe vera or want something a little unique, like IDK… a purse made from plants, you can trust you’ll find it here—and help support Black business owners in the process. What’s not to love?

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Leaf Me Plant Boutique

Lemon Maranta

Leaf Me Plant Boutique


Based out of Detroit, Leaf Me is all about adding some greenery into your everyday life. Through virtual consultations and workshops, they can help you find the right plant that fits your space, while also teaching how taking care of plants can help support mental health.

Yelo Aple

Cycas Revoluta “Sago Palm”

Yelo Aple


If you’re new to this whole plant parenting thing, this Columbus-based plant shop is where you should go. Yelo Aple (pronounced: yellow apple) can help you find the best type of greenery that works for your lifestyle. Plus, they even offer in-house workshops on everything from potting and re-potting your plants to learning how to make Japanese Kokedama moss plants.

My Crazy Plant Life

Piles peperomioides

My Crazy Plant Life


If you’re well versed in the botanical realm and want to step your plant game up from azalea’s then check out this Tampa-based plant shop. My Crazy Plant Life pride’s itself in offering one of the best ranges of exotic and tropical plants in the Tampa Bay area. You can find all sorts of interesting plants, like medinilla’s and this Pilea peperomioides (aka the Chinese Money Tree, cha-ching!), that you probably wouldn’t be able to find at your local nursery.

Hey Botany

Aloe Ferox ‘Cape Aloe’

Hey Botany


Coming straight out of Houston, Hey Botany is a great one-stop shop to hit up for all things plant-oriented. Its site offer’s everything from beginner and pet-friendly pants to planting pots and organic soil. Plus, they offer free plant consultations to help you find the perfect plant and take care of it.

Devine Plantery

Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree

Devine Plantery


Growing out of New Jersey, DeVine Plantery offers soooo much outside of just selling cool af plants. This women-owned business offers a whirlwind of services to help you care for your precious botanicals like re-potting, plant styling, maintenance, rehabilitation, and even plant sitting! So if you know that your going to be out of town for quite a bit and would rather have your fig tree looked after by a professional rather than your not-so-reliable neighbor then you’re in luck.

Revive and Bloom

Sansevieria Star Power Silver



Rooted in the Bay Area, this spot offers plant styling and consultation services alongside its plant stock. Pretty dope if you’re looking to add to your plant collection but you’re a newbie (v understandable).

Natty Garden

Dracaena Lemon Lime in 6

Natty Garden


This Brooklyn-based nursery first opened up in 2008 with its wide selection of greens. The online shop ships nationwide and also features fertilizers and soil for all your gardening endeavors.

Isha Plants

Plant Propagation Welcome Kit

Isha Plants


This company’s “propagation subscription boxes” come fully equipped with rare plant cuttings and an instruction technique for growing different plant specimens from home. The first box also comes with a supply of rooting hormone, scissors, a spray bottle, and a welcome guide, so you can dive right into becoming a plant propagation pro. Dare you to say that five times fast.

Crazy Plant Bae

2in Braid Sansevieria

Crazy Plant Bae


It’s got indoor and outdoor plants available online aaand a subscription service. Yup, you can sign up to be surprised every month. Enjoy!

Tennessee Tropicals

Philodendron pastazanum

Tennessee Tropicals


As the name implies, this store is big on rare tropical plants. You’ll def impress literally anybody when you name-drop its super-unique plants.

The Zen Succulent

Bird of Paradise Houseplant in 14

The Zen Succulent


Founded by Megan George in 2012, this North Carolina–based shop has some great indoor plant options. It ships nationwide, but if you ever find yourself in the Raleigh or Durham area, its store locations offer super-fun plant terrarium workshops.

Tal + Bert

Air Plants

Tal and Bert


Want one of the coolest-looking plant displays ever? Ray and Val Talbert, the founders of Tal + Bert, combined their passions for mining and nature to create eye-catching “air plants.” They straight-up incorporate raw geode rocks (!!!) into their products. I am in love.

Bradford Botanical & Co.

Euphorbia Trigona CV. Royal Red Rubra Cactus

Bradford Botanical Co


Established in 2019, this Atlanta company run by Ryann Bradford not only sells plants but also offers up a gorgeous rose collection. The mobile boutique hosts pop-ups in Atlanta and Dallas, but you can still online shop all over the United States.

Planting With P

Garden Plant Purse

Planting With P


Specializing in floral arrangements, indoor plants, and succulents, this New Jersey company is run by Paris Hannon. It hosts a weekly #PlantyDrop (LMAO) every Monday night, so keep an eye out for its new goods.


Jade Plant

Grounded Plants


Danuelle Doswell and Mignon Hemsley launched this virtual plant company on Earth Day of 2020 with the hopes of helping people utilize plants to feel more at peace. You can opt to join the subscription service or just purchase single plants through their website.

Pepper Palm

Kokedama Medium



A unique planter will make just about any plant one hundred percent more aesthetically pleasing, so check out this shop for handmade goods. Its palm planter is a real standout item that’ll make your house look like an art museum.

Wellness and Releaf


Wellness and Releaf


Caring for plants can be an excellent form of self-care, so while you’re perusing this virtual plant shop, you might as well also check out its all-natural body products. Picture yourself watering your new zebra plant while wearing the charcoal and rose clay face mask. That’s the true treat yo’ self experience.

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